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         Overseas Student Health Insurance                      

International students undertaking formal studies in Australia and their dependents (spouse and children under 18 years of age) must have adequate arrangements of overseas student health insurance for an intended period of stay in Australia. until the end of studies.

All of the health insurance providers offers their own benefits and include varied health services in their insurance. Choosing the right policy at the best price is of utmost priority to our clients. Our partnership with the most popular health insurance providers such as BUPAMedibankAHMNIB and Allianz Care gives you the flexibility to take the health cover of your choice at a highly competitive price.

The nature of health cover depends upon the number of applicants included in the visa application. For a single applicant, a single health cover is required while for a couple or family members, either couple insurance or a family health cover is requird to meet health insurance requirements. There are many health insurance providers who offer different types of health covers depending upon your requirements. The cost of the insurance cover varies according to the duration and nature of the health cover as well as the health insurance provider.

We assist international students for over a decade to provide all services under one roof. To get the best OSHC quotes, feel free to contact our qualified team for quote assistance, or simply use our provided OSHC quote link and get the instant OSHC pricing comparison. 


                                                        Overseas Visitor Health Cover

                                                  (Working & Non-Working Visa holders)


Overseas Visa Health Cover, widely known as the OVHC is the health insurance category that fulfils the mandatory health

insurance requirement according to the stipulated visa condition. A lot of visa categories are covered by this policy such as visitor visas (subclasses 300, 580, 590, 600, 601), bridging visas, working visas (subclasses 482, 485, 400,401, 476, 489, etc) and working holiday visas (subclasses 417 & 462).  

If you are a recent international graduate and are applying for your Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485), you will need to switch from OSHC to OVHC to meet the health requirements. Like OSHC, there are different health policy types you can choose from depending upon your application nature (Single cover, couple cover, & family cover. The cost varies upon the policy type, the duration of the visa as well as the insurance provider.

There are various health policy payment arrangements on weekly, forghtnightly, monthly, quarterly, yearly depending on what payment plan you choose to make regular payments until the end of your visa expiry.

You are feel free to contact our expert team to get the instance OVHC quotes at 1800517230.

                                                               Our Health Insurance Partners


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