Why is Rise Education Services a leading professional educational Consultant in Sydney, Australia?



Education is one of the most important sectors in the world, especially, keeping in mind the impact a good education has on a person’s mind. A good education has the potential to change the lives of a person and the mindset with which they live their lives. So, governments from around the world have understood the need for building a solid educational industry that can make the nation a lot more advanced with a strong pool of human resources that can be a great asset to the society.

Developed countries like Australia have set up a big educational industry that is truly world-class and attracts students from all different parts of the world to its high-rank institutes. So, a big part of this pool of students faces a lot of problems with adjusting to the education system of a foreign land. There are so many options to choose from, in terms of the courses offered to the International students and the extensive amount of paperwork that goes into the application process for admission.  The task can seem very daunting to young students, especially while considering the high tuition fees they would be investing in their education.  So, it becomes very significant to make sure that they are heading into the right pathway and, they can be assured of a promising career when moving out of their university. 

Rise Education Services is one of the leading providers of educational consulting services in different parts of Australia and specializes in dealing with all kinds of education-related problems and quarries for the different stakeholders in the education system in Australia, be it teachers, students, universities and a lot more. Their team of professional educational consultants at Rise Education Services understands the nitty-gritty of the industry and can help you choose the right education path for you to go ahead. So, if you are facing trouble making some choices for your education career and are having trouble understanding the complicated formalities that have to be done, you can head to the PIER & ICEF Qualified Education Counselors at Rise education services and strive forward in your careers. 


We help international students to find a place to attend internship programs in almost all academic disciplines. Internships offer highly structured training in the workplace, benefiting both young professionals and host organizations. Internships programs offer innovative work experience focused on offering interns ‘ hands-on’ training through real-world experience. We send candidates' profiles to host companies to assess the applicant's eligibility for the internship position within the organization considering the qualification and employment background if any. The applicant's profile will be assessed case by case. to ensure it is tailor matched to candidates. The primary focus of the internship is to experience real-time practical hands-on knowledge and great exposure in the real work environment.

We assist applicants with a wide range of internship opportunities in most academic fields.

Accounting, Hospitality sector, Event Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Internships, Culinary Arts, Business internships, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture, 

Marketing, Mathematics, front office, food and beverages, environmental and sustainability, science, public health internships, Tourism, Hospitality Management, Information Technology,  Journalism, Tourism Internships. 

We have a wide range of Internships Programs for suitable candidates.

- PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS (Available in almost all fields with 6 weeks to 26 weeks duration and unpaid position)

- HOSPITALITY  (Available in Food & Beverage, Culinary Art, and Front Office) Duration - 6,9 or 12 months with a paid position

- STEM (Available in Science, Technology, Mathematics & Engineering) from 12 to 26 weeks duration, Unpaid Position

- STIPEND ( Available in Human Resource, Marketing, Event Management) from 20 to 26 weeks duration, Allowance of AUD 600 TO $900 Per Month

- VIRTUAL ( Available in selected fields, 6 to 12 weeks duration, Unpaid Positions)

- AGED & DISABILITY CARE (Details will be available soon. Need to assess the profile and depends on the available places)


Internship prices depending on the length of the internship. Please contact our team for individualized quotes.


  • Development of a custom-designed internship to meet your objectives and capabilities.

  • Internship contract defining the internship program terms and conditions.

  • Assistance with the visa process.

  • Preparation and orientation package prior to departure.

  • Regular counseling support services for the duration of your internship.

  • Regular intern newsletter.

  • Regular intern functions in Sydney and Brisbane.

  • Performance report supplied by the Host Organisation on successful completion of the program.

  • Certificate upon successful completion of the internship.

  • Supply of the necessary documentation to gain academic credit for existing studies.

  • Additional programs are available. Please contact our friendly staff to receive more information about how we can customize a program just for you!


If applying from within Australia, 10% GST applies to the Application and Program fees.

** Candidates applying for the paid Hospitality Internship Program may be able to lodge an Australian Tax return before they leave the country. It’s a good way to get back part of the money you have invested in our programs in the form of a tax reimbursement. Australian Internships has joined forces with the global tax refund leader Taxback.com to help you get your Australian tax back hassle-free. Taxback.com service is simply to use and custom-built for interns like you. All you have to do is register online with taxback.com and the friendly staff will get in touch with you.

Terms & Conditions Applied.

Feel free to contact our qualified team for profile assessments seeking internship offers in various industry skilled and trade sectors.

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