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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Rise Education Services prefers to work in the best interest of our prospective clients with transparent work and no false commitment & hidden lies. We believe in providing exceptional educational consulting services that are catered specifically to the client's needs to fulfil their educational goals. Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch with us to inquire about any inquiries related to your education matters & education planning to pursue further studies in Australia. Rise Education Services do understand the importance of the right education pathway that provides you with exceptional industry skills & professional knowledge that is much needed to lead you to better employment goals ahead. When recruiting the international students, we always ensure that the student meets the initial academic requirements, English language requirements and financial requirements for the selective pathway program as per the entry requirements of the intended qualification. We respect the right decision making of the applicant's study preferences, selection of the education provider, the proposed industry qualification planning either for vocational or higher sector courses and preferred study location. Rise Education Services believes to deliver the best educational services and genuine advice to International students from last many years. We prefer to deal with the best international recruitment services with equal efforts, professional guidance & support

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Think Higher with Rise and Rise will take your Higher to fulfil the dreams


Rise Education Services is a privately owned company with its main office based in Brisbane.  The company is a virtual organisation with well-qualified teamwork to better serve the Australian education industry. We have experienced PIER and ICEF qualified trainer education counsellor with over 10 years of professional experience in the Australian education industry. Rise Education services have proposed the business model to run international education business Australia wide, where Rise is willing to accept the responsibility of our prospective clients to provide the quality and exceptional professional educational services with up to date information related to the Australian education system. Our aim is to help our clients who are seeking educational advice to pursue further studies for Schooling, Vocational or Higher Sector programs in renowned Australian education Institutions. We provide excellent education services to international students in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania and Gold Coast, and regional locations. Rise Education services provide valuable education counselling services to International students from all regions to assist them to plan their educational career in the best interest of international students. We excel in providing honest, authentic and legitimate advice to international students, who are genuinely approaching to their further planned studies, and acquire the required industry skills, whilst studying the Australian qualification, and get hands-on practical experience through professional internships, and international exposure in Australia.

We provide dedicated professional education consulting services to international students throughout their educational journey and help them in their decision-making process, and provide full application guidance and admission process to recruitment them in Australian education institutions. As initial decision making to planned educational goals is stressful and quite challenging some times for students, migrant applicants, and their families. Rise Education Services provides interactive counselling services by qualified trained counsellors to better assist students, families and their guardians.

The experienced trainer principal counsellor/consultant initially started the journey to counsel international students about 14 years ago to assist and help students to choose the right course as per the educational requirements and future employment plans. Rise Education Services believe in professional commitment, hard work, transparency, and effective teamwork have enabled us to come this far. Rise Education Services team are constantly maintaining professional regular contacts with the Admissions and Academic team of the Australian Institutions that we are currently representing, which allows us to ensure our clients receive the best possible professional service and have excellent experience in their studies and career pursuits in Australia.


The Path to Success

Before an international student apply for an intended course for the vocational or higher education sector, At First, students must have a study plan in-hand, and must aware about the course overview, course structure, perfect understanding and knowledge of the purposed qualification, duration of the program, available Intakes for the course commencement, the entire tuition fees & non-tuition fees (enrollment and material fees) the right selection of the education provider, preferred study location of the education provider, Refund Policy of the education provider, tuition fees & Payment Instalment Plan, late payment charges for not paying the tuition fees on time, before you apply & enrol into the intended course, must collect the necessary information as per your initial study plan. 

If you need professional assistance, our qualified team will help you with full study planning and application guidance.

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Perfect Admission Planning

Before you apply for admission in any colleges/universities for proposed course's. You must ensure that you provide us scanned copies of all original documents of current valid Passport, academic certificates of completed studies, work experience details or evidence, valid English language scores (PTE / IELTS) to check the authenticity of the documents, and our qualified team will make a preliminary assessment of your case for detail discussion for the possible options available to you.


Once we submit your application to an education provider, International admissions team of Institution are able to assess your submitted documents, the selection, of the planned course's to check whether you meet the entry requirements of the chosen program. You will also have the opportunity to discuss your study planning and on the selected courses, and graduate outcomes with an expert trained education counsellor.

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Professional Consulting

Rise Education Services values our customers with respect and love. Our main aim is to provide exceptional education consulting services to international students, and continuous professional learning that are our principles in which Rise Education Services strongly believes to assist our valued clients to work in their best interest. These professional and values will dictate all the policy-making decisions within Rise Education Services roof. Our major market source is our referral international students from all regions to whom we assist & provide the best professional consulting services. We are offering the educational consulting services to our clients from last over 12 years, and our major recruitments for VET sector and Higher education sector courses in Australian recognised institutions Australiawide. We deal with a large number of referral clients from last many years to whom we have served well in the past. Rise Education Services mission is to guide international students, to find their right career pathway to build a successful future ahead after the successful attainment of an Australian qualification.


Rise Education Services with a number of years excellence in providing quality education consulting service provider in Australia to assist all types of education-related inquiries of international students from all religions, and be known for its finest quality service provider in the Australian education industry. We have an aim to follow the best and ethical practice to assist our potential clients where there is no way of complaints from our clients, and we always love to maintain our integrity, professional standards and our ongoing regular practice with the team effort. Also, we regularly focus on the professional development of qualified team at all times. We are honest, reliable, trustworthy and believe in transparent work, where there is no hidden work or information from our clients for what we do for them. This means students receive accurate and consistent information & professional advice to meet their educational requirements & goals. People know us by name as ethical experts and leaders in our industry. We go above and beyond to ensure we deliver on our promise to our clients.

Rise Education Services believe in client satisfaction, opportunity to let students grow in their professional career, ethical practice & guidance, invest in new ideas and staying ahead of the game. We are leaders in our field, and we make a difference.

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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Rise Education Services is offering the best education counselling services to international students and do preliminary assessments of student's profile from all backgrounds and, assist students to select the best industry courses based on the applicant's related academic background and interest areas for the industry programs related to VET and Skilled sectors.  Australia is one of the popular study destinations among other countries, and Australian education institutions providing the exceptional student services and a range of courses i.e English language courses, Foundation programs, Vocational (Trade) sector, Higher Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree by coursework, Dual degree, Research degrees, and Doctoral (PHD) for professional industry skills and knowledge at operational and advanced level as per Australian Qualification Framework levels (AQF).

  • Hospitality Management

  • Commercial Cookery

  • Leadership and Management

  • Business and Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Nursing

  • Aged Care / Ageing Support / Disability

  • Accounting / Commerce

  • Information Systems / Information Technology

  • Children Services / Early Childhood Care

  • Event Management

  • Tourism and Hospitality

  • Social Work

  • Engineering

  • Automotive and Mechanical Technology

  • Building and Construction

  • Carpentry / Tile Making, Painting

  • Horticulture

  • Warehousing Operations

  • Patisserie

  • Printing and Graphic

There are many more courses available in almost all the industry sectors. Please contact us for more information on the availability of the programs.


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Rise Education Services primarily focuses to provide exceptional education consulting services to international students specializing in educational recruitments in renowned Australian Colleges & Universities. At the same time, Rise education services will conduct the regular seminars for newly arrived international students in different states of Australia to interact students and give them the on arrival information on Australian living style, multicultural diversity, Australian education system, how to adjust in shared accommodation etc. to assist students for their basic needs to understand the well-developed systems and, to adjust in Australian living environment.


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