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Student Visa Requirements



All International students must have arrangements for adequate overseas student health insurance cover to meet their particular health needs while staying in Australia. Your health insurer must be in Australia if you are a student visa holder you must obtain health insurance from an Australian health insurance provider. Students will be asked to provide evidence of adequate health insurance for the duration of your entire studies and stay in Australia as a Temporary student visa holder.

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Please check with your expert education consultant for the requirements of Financial Capacity for the associated costs includes of the proposed course tuition fees, travel expenses, and the living cost for the duration of stay and study in Australia for planned studies. You may need to provide specified documentary evidence of financial capacity in support of your admission process and student visa application to satisfy the education provider and The Department of Home Affairs.

You must have full assess to the funds.



Rise Education Services assist international students for their educational planning. 

Are you thinking to change your current enrolled course of study, or to Change your current education provider?

Before you make any final decision to change your course or education provider, you must ensure that you get professional expert education counselling services to better assist you with all your needs and requirements to help you for better decision making process.


Also, you must ensure you meet the initial academic and English language requirements for the proposed course plan, before you ahead to put an application to education provider for enrolment Offer. We strongly recommend you to get the professional advice to find out whether you meet the education provider change of provider or Refund policies to move to another educational institution.


If you have not completed first six months of your principal course (the main course of study you are undertaking/ enrolled) and whether you can change your education provider as per the ESOS National Code which explains the circumstances in which this will be possible. Unless special circumstances applied. 

For More Information: Please feel free to contact us.

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All International students applying for a student visa to come to Australia for studies must meet genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirements at the time of application for the grant of Student visa. An applicant needs to show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. The GTE requirement applies to all student visa applicants. GTE statements for student visa means to create a holistic view of the applicant’s circumstances. GTE statement must have information about the Circumstances in home country (or country of residence), The Potential circumstances of a student in Australia, Value of the course to the applicant's future, the applicant's immigration history. The students must also include previous study – academic transcripts which show qualification(s) obtained name of the education provider and duration of the study, certificates of attainment.


  • The gap in the previous study – reasons why there is a gap in between studies including where enrolment was not maintained.

  • Current employment – current employer, company address, a period of employment and details about the position held. Applicants should include the name and contact details of a person who can verify the terms of employment.

  • ·Ties to the home country or country of residence – this may include evidence of financial, family or social ties. The applicant needs to show they have significant incentives to return home once the study is complete.

  •  Economic circumstances in the home country or country of residence – this can include documents showing employment or business activities for 12 months prior to application lodgement, an employment offer after course completion, income tax return reports or bank statements.


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